Dental treatments in Budapest and London come with a full guarantee backed up by a full aftercare and check-up service in London. If you are not happy with any of dental treatments simply call us and we will invite you straight back to have the work amended.

Crowns 5 years
Bridges (minimum of 3 units) 3 years
Inlay 2 years
Implant (product only) 5 years - Lifetime
Partial dentures 3 years
Full denture 1 year

Length of the guarantee is variable according to procedure and can be altered on a per patient basis dependent on such things as health, life style and, to a small extent, age.

Please note that this guarantee is reduced or invalidated if

1. A patient does not attend for a check up once a year.
2. Oral hygiene is neglected.
3. Denture is not used properly.
4. Denture is not cleaned with dental cleaning supplies and tools.
5. Tooth gets injured during the preparation of crowns, bridges etc. and therefore a root canal therapy is necessary.
6. Denture gets injured due to reasons that we can not take responsibility for (e.g. falls, fight, accident or other events caused by drugs, alcohol or other materials resulting in mental disfunction).
7. Diseases of masticatory apparatus caused by general, infectious diseases, tumours, poisonings etc. or the treatment of these illnesses, or accidents, modifications that come up during emergency interventions and that affect the performed dental treatment.
8. Patient loses significant weight in a short period of time.
9. Problems caused by malnutrition or other bad habits.
10. Problems caused by psychic or other mental disorders, illnesses.
11. Error reported too late or patient can not provide the defective denture (please, contact us immediately should something happen to the denture!).