Dental Facts that Every Expected MUM’s should know?

Dental Facts that Every Expected MOM'sThe first step, every expected mom’s should do is, nurture and maintain her own dental and general health. Maintaining a Balance Diet and avoiding Starchy and Sugar snacks between meals is very important; it will help to provide you with Calcium, Phosphorous and other Vitamins and Minerals that is needed for ourselves and baby’s teeth and bones. You’re Gynecologist will suggest you to evaluate throughout your Pregnancy.

Does Calcium in Baby’s Teeth come from Mother’s Teeth?

It is not at all true, that Calcium of Baby’s Teeth Comes from Mother’s Teeth. Basically it comes from Mother’s Diet.

What is the Best Way to Care for Mother’s Teeth?

To prevent Periodontal Diseases and Tooth Decay, Brush your Teeth Daily twice in a day. Use antiplaque mouth rinse, floss, or other dental cleaners, 3-4 days in a week. Gingivitis, swelling of the gums, is common during second through eight months of pregnancy. To overcome through this dental problem, get an appointment with your concerned Gynecologist.

What about Fluoride?

It is said that expected women’s taking Fluoride Supplements helps the baby’s to form strong teeth, but the truth is that the benefits of prenatal fluoridation are yet to be researched properly. It is not that, the process of enamel formation is due to fluoride.

Pregnancy Affects Gums, How?

It is normal, that hormone level increased constantly during Pregnancy. Gingivitis, swelling of the gums, is common during second through eight months of pregnancy. This may lead to red, puffy gums, which may cause bleeding while brushing. Sometimes, overgrowth of gum tissue, known as pregnancy tumor this cans also occur during second trimester.

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