Bad Dental Habits that can throw your oral health in Trouble

woman-getting-her-teeth-extractedClean teeth and a healthy mouth are what you accept for your good health. But many of us having surprising habits that can take us in serious oral mouth problem. Some of your daily oral habits are harming your oral hygiene.

Here are some habits that you need to break for your good oral health

Hard Brushing – brushing with a hard toothbrush with high pressure can harm your gum and make it swallow and can also cause receding gums. Choose a soft brush that easily moves around the mouth.

Nail biting – nail biting is a common habit of every individual in free or thinking time. This bad habit can impact your jaw and gives pressure on it which is associated with jaw dysfunction,” says Dr. Ruchi Sahota. Nail biting can invite bacteria and dirt particles in your mouth thus increase the chances of infection and gum diseases.

Alcoholic Habits – Intake of excessive alcohol and heavy smoking leads many serious oral problems. Smoking is the most disinfected disease that can lead many problems like yellowness of teeth, bad breath, and loss of bone density.

Biting Ice – biting ice can cause disorder on your teeth in a bad way. Teeth are not for biting unconscious things that can crack and fractured teeth. Extreme cold can cause teeth sensitivity.

using teeth as tools – many people use their teeth as a tool like open the containers, tearing the clothes. This thing can harden your teeth can cause damage to teeth. Teeth are only made to chew food, not other unwanted stuff that can tweaking of teeth.

Drinking soda – Carbonated sodas both diet and regular contain phosphoric acid, which can erode teeth over a period of time. When soda contact with teeth it gives stain, brush your teeth after drinking soda.

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