Are You Suffering from Crowding and Spacing?

Dental-crown1Teeth Crowding or Teeth Spacing are two types of malocclusion {bite problems}. Crowding of teeth occurs when the teeth are tooth large and long, for the space allotted in the mouth is extended, this happens when the teeth do not erupt properly. Teeth Spacing problems occur when there are more missing teeth or gaps between every tooth or because of the teeth are too small, or there is an excess amount of space allotted in the mouth for teeth.

If teeth are crowded there are at high risk of dental problems, because are there are many teeth’s, there are difficult to clean it properly, which can create dental tooth decay, periodontal disease and more. It can also create bite problem, which can compromise the function of the teeth. People with crowded teeth may also occur with some sort of low confidence self-confidence.

Access Spacing of teeth can also put a person at risk of periodontal diseases. This happens because the gums are not properly protected or covered with the teeth. Spacing Teeth can also create biting problems and can reduced self-esteem.

To overcome through crowding problem, the dentist will suggest you go through Expansion treatments, which is used to treat crowding. A palate expander may be used to widen the upper jaw in order to create space in the tooth. The dentist will use Expansion primarily, and then restoration for removal of teeth. And when the teeth’s are properly placed and spaces are created, then braces are usually required to straighten the teeth and to ensure proper alignment.

In Spacing, the gaps between the teeth must be closed. Spacing requires the teeth to be properly aligned. If spacing is due to missing teeth, a dental bridge, partial dentures, and other false teeth can be used for restoration and appearance of the mouth.

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