3 Alternatives to Metal Brackets: Aesthetic Braces

Metal-Braces-Image-3One of the best and most successful innovations in dentistry is the creation of Cosmetic Braces. For decades, people had no choice but to rely on unattractive braces with metal brackets and wires to correct their teeth. This significantly affected their self- confidence, and even prompted many to skip braces entirely.

Now, patients truly have a range of much more attractive orthodontic treatments at their removal. While there are many kinds, you can usually kind them into three categories.

Clear Aligners:
Aligners are the perfect blend of practicality and style, as you can remove them whenever you want. Besides the almost unnoticeable appearance, a removable aligner also has a few other significant benefits:

Better Oral Hygiene:
You can remove the aligners while brushing the teeth or while flossing.

Convenient Eating:
You can eat your favorites as it doesn’t have any food restrictions.

You can also take the aligner off when going to a social event or taking pictures.

Tooth Colored Brackets:
The closet one to conventional braces on this list, options like Damon Clear have tooth-colored brackets and wires that are difficult to see from a distance, giving you a more beautiful smile.

Lingual Braces:
Arguably the most unnoticeable option, lingual braces are located directly behind your teeth, making it almost impossible for casual observes to see them.

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